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Can oomami help you grow your small food and beverage business?

Connect with New Customers. B2B and B2C. Automated Ordering and Payments. Warehousing and Fulfillment.

Automate and Simplify. For food producers and their wholesale and retail customers.

Öomami comes with a suit of features to help you sell your products and grow your business.


Promote and sell your Products

Sell your products to wholesale customers such as cafes and stores as well as retail customers.


Share with your Followers

Öomami has social features that help you improve business relationships and performance.


Improve your cash flows

Easily manage and improve your cash flow with automated payments.


Schedule in advance

Automate ordering and invoicing and apply special pricing to individual customers.


Reach over 90% of the population

Our national warehousing and logistics network lets you reach more customers.

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Warehousing and Fulfillment

We also handle your warehousing, pick and pack, and deliveries.


Full history of each transaction

Keep track of your history and view reports of all business activities through graphs and charts.


Manage invoicing

Automatically generate invoices, pick slips, and delivery summaries.


Integrate with xero

Reduce your workload by connecting your öomami account with your xero account.

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Automated listing on multiple platforms

Get greater exposure and sales via multiple platforms.

No Middle Men

Small and medium producers can now sell direct to customers nationwide without agents or distributors.

  1. Sign up as a seller

  2. List your products

  3. Send your stock to our warehouse

  4. Customers place orders

  5. Invoice is automatically generated

  6. We pick and pack your products

  7. We deliver your products


Custom built for the Food and Beverage industry

Home Feed

Keep your customers and fans updated with the latest about your business and products.


Stay up to date with instant notifications for all customer and fan activity.

Go Shopping

This is where your products are displayed and where your customers purchase.

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My Profile

View and edit your profile here and also view all your posts and products.
Also edit your account details and view all your sales data with graphs.


Chat with anyone on the platform, both buyers and other sellers and also receive notifications about sales and copies of invoices here.

Shopping List and Favourites

Seamless Integration

Experience exponential growth. When you list your products on öomami they are also automatically listed on four of the biggest platforms.


We charge a low commission on the sale price of each product sold plus a flat transaction fee, so you only pay for product sold. To make it really easy to understand try the calculator below.

Calculate your costs based on your products sold:

STEP ONE: Choose your market

paperwork paperwork

Retail Product
fulfilled by öomami

20% Commission

paperwork paperwork

Wholesale Product
fulfilled by öomami

15% Commission

paperwork paperwork

Retail / Wholesale Product
fulfilled by me

5% Commission

STEP TWO: How many items would you sell in each transaction?

Insert the average number of units sold per transaction

STEP THREE: What is the price of each item?

Insert the unit value


STEP FOUR: How many transactions do you want per month?

Insert the number of transactions per month


Your gross income would be

Our fee for this type of transaction would be

Delivery Fees

charged to the buyer for any öomami fulfilled order:

Metro Retail order under $60 = $10 Delivery Fee.
Regional Retail order under $80 = $15 Delivery Fee.
Metro wholesale order under $100 = $10 Delivery Fee.
Regional wholesale order under $100 = $15 Delivery Fee.
No Delivery Fees on self fulfilled products.
Some orders can have a mix of öomami fulfilled and self fulfilled products. The above fees appliy to the öomami fulfilled portion of any order. if some of the product in an order are being fulfilled by a seller who charges a delivery fee, that delivery fee is additional to the öomami delivery fee.

More information about the cost of öomami

(We have no hidden fees)

Pick Fee

$0.50 per pick

for orders fulfilled by öomami

Service Fee

20% for Reatail orders fulfilled by öomami

15% for Wholesale orders fulfilled by öomami

5% for Reatail or Wholesale orders seller fulfilled

A simple Flat Fee per unit picked

The pick fee is a fee charged by all fulfillment warehouses. It is the fee for the warehouse person to pick your product off a shelf and put it into an order box. It could be one apple or a 1Kg bag of apples, or one 10Kg box of apples; the pick fee is always the same.
Our system automatically generates a pick list for your order and the warehouse person uses it to locate and pack your orders for you, so you can focus on more important things. After all your products have been picked, the warehousae person will carefully pack your order and dispatch it and send you a notification. You can then monitor the progress of each order via your profile screen and also view a full historyof each transaction.

Our Service Fee is all inclusive

No upfront fees and no fixed monthly fees. Simplify your life with our full suit service and only pay one all inclusive low commission for actual sales.

  • Use of the öomami marketplace to list your products and connect with new customers.

  • Automated Invoicing.

  • Automated Payments.

  • Full sales history.

  • Xero integration.

  • Automated listing on Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, and Amazon.

  • Pay per click advertising.

  • Warehousing and pick, pack, and delivery anywhere within the state.

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